Open ears

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Note: Open ears is available in 2 sets: Cold colors (pink, blue, green and grey) and Warm colors (yellow, orange, red and purple).

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It is composed of items that have the shapes of 4 different coloured animal ears.

Each of these ears has an interchangeable white semisphere that emits a specific sound and has its own particular weight.

The screwing designed structure allows to mix the sound (white semispheres) with ear shapes (coloured semispheres) many times.



The player is requested to focus on the sounds produced by the ears shaking and their weight to match the right pairs.

It could be a multi-player game too. For example, a player can shake the ears in a certain sequence and ask another player to repeat the same actions in the same sequence.



On one hand, the purpose is to draw the attention to the ear sounds and, on the other hand, an intentional disorientation mechanism is triggered: the players will see 4 ears completely different in shape, colour and weight, and above all need their listening ability to successfully complete the game.


Improved abilities

The tool aims at improving the executive function of the working memory and boosting the association capability between visual and auditory stimuli.

To fulfill the therapeutic tasks the player is requested the use of cognitive, sensory and motor skills.

Auditory cues enrich the experience of interaction and play by extending the range of motivational features.

Emotional skills are needed to deal with failure or success regarding frustration or joy that can affect the motivation to maintain a high attention level.

Auditory attention, perception, sustained attention, working memory, executive functions, motor skills, classification ability and cognitive flexibility.


Toy CE marked




Material: FILOFlex 55 D- 3D printing

Sphere size: height 8 cm, diameter 5,5 cm