Purple octopus

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The Purple Octopus is composed of one main piece shaped as an octopus with 6 coloured tentacles and 6 illustrated cards.



It is requested to the player to insert the octopus tentacles into the holes following a specific order at first. Programmatic abilities are needed to copy the correct colour sequences shown on the illustrated cards. Then the player must join the coloured extremities developing the fine motor skills.

The second activity is, to copy a shape previously freely created on a flat surface, using the tentacles. It allows one to work on visual-spatial ability and inhibitory control.



On one hand, the purpose of this tool is to support, through its iconic shape, the inspiration and the creativity to make a story. On the other hand, to establish a strong relationship between the player and the toy itself. Getting in touch with the player’s world through a fairytale is a common strategy to begin the therapy from.


Improved abilities

The “Purple Octopus” promotes the relationship development, wrapping the octopus laces around others. This physical gesture represents a way of making an emotional bond with someone.

The familiar octopus form allows the players to improve their ability to take care for others. It occurs through the self-projection and identification process of themselves on the toy.

Fine motor and programming skills, sustained attention, problem solving capability, visual-spatial ability, working memory, speed of processing and planning skills.


Toy CE marked




Material: Treated waterproof wood, flexible rubber laces
Size of the octopus: 21 cm x 5,5 cm x 2,5 cm
Size of the tentacles: length= 62,5 cm, diameter= 0,4 cm (without internal hole)