Red octopus

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It is composed of one main piece “octopus shape” with 12 coloured tentacles, 6 illustrated cards, 12 coloured cards, 52 cards depicting the alphabet letters and 10 cards depicting numbers.



It is requested to the player to match the coloured tentacles associated to their respective color and letter cards, to get the correct syllables shown on the illustrated cards.

Its doble function helps to work, at the same time, on the player’s execution motor ability and on the language development, repeating aloud the single letters or the sequences of syllables once the octopus is completed.

One more task is to use all tentacles and cards in a “free way” to form words regarding a certain category.

It can be also requested to the player, through a mental decomposition process, to find the correct letters that form a specific word said aloud by someone else previously.



The “Red Octopus” represents the advanced level of efforts required by combining many different abilities. The playful setting influences the way players perceive the training sessions.


Improved abilities

This tool enhances the relationship development focusing on verbal communication skills. Players can use the octopus laces to connect pshysically and emotionally with someone integrating specific words or letter sounds that have a deep meaning to them.

Interacting with a toy which clearly “declares” its language difficulty, motivates players to project themselves creating a stronger relationship of empathy with it and consequently opening up to others.

Language development, programming skills, sustained attention, fine motor skills, problem solving capability, visual-spatial ability, working memory, speed of processing and planning skills.


Toy CE marked




Material: Treated waterproof wood, flexibile laces
Size of the octopus: 21 cm x 5,5 cm x 2,5 cm
Size of the tentacles: length= 62,5 cm, diameter= 0,4 cm (without internal hole)