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It is composed of a wooden base with excavated boxes, 96 wooden tiles with bas-relief figures and 24 coloured pins.

Zoombola is flexible to match the player’s abilities, preferences and habits in order to keep up an effective training avoiding that the sudden change of the player’s motivation could lead to an ineffective therapy session.



The player is requested to match a coloured pin to the right animal shape and adapt the grip by adjusting the tonic movements.

It is demanded to replicate the given sequence at the top of the panel from left to right without skipping any animal shapes.

Furthermore, to simplify the activity, it is also possible to play it without following a specific sequence.

Lastly it can be requested a vertical, horizontal completion or to respect an alternation in the positioning of the pieces until the whole panel is done. This activity can be set at various speeds.

It is possible to get a more challenging game if the chosen colour (inserted on the grid at the top of the panel) is associated with another colour (example: “green-fish place the yellow pin”) in order to support the working memory.



On one hand this tool synthesizes many activities focused on visual stimuli and motor skills, on the other hand it helps to work on many signifiers of different modalities.

Therefore the different level of complexity of the toy supports the achieving of a personalized therapy for the player.


Improved abilities

“Zoombola” enhances the ability to elaborate verbal indications, visual-spatial references processing them, developing ones’s own conscious spatial perception.

Classification ability, inhibition ability, working memory, visual-spatial ability, fine motor skills and coordination, attention skills, planning skills, cognitive flexibility, language skills and speed of processing.


Toy CE marked




Material: Treated waterproof wood, FILOFlex 55 D – 3D Printing
Size panel: 26 cm x 26 cm x 0,8 cm
Size cards: 3 cm x3 cm x 0,4 cm