The offer and sale of products on our website ( are governed by these General Conditions of Sale.

The products are sold directly by THERABILITY S.R.L. (“Seller”), with registered office in Italy, Corso Regio Parco n. 15 – 10152 Turin TO, C.F. and VAT no. 12318560013, registered with the Turin Chamber of Commerce with REA n. TO-1280889.

You can request any information from THERABILITY through our assistance services by e-mail For any other legal information, consult the sections: General Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Right of Withdrawal.

  1. Our trade policy

The Seller offers the products for sale through the website and the e-commerce platforms connected to it to consumers, companies and professionals.

In consideration of its commercial policy, the Seller reserves the right not to process orders or purchases, providing – in the latter case – to reimburse any amount paid.

These General Conditions of Sale govern the offer, order and purchase of products between users and the Seller.

The General Conditions of Sale do not regulate the supply of services or the sale of products by parties other than the Seller and the latter is not responsible for the supply of goods or services by third parties other than the Seller itself or for the conclusion of electronic commerce between users and third parties.

  1. How to conclude the contract and how to pay the price

To conclude the purchase contract for one or more products of the Seller, the user must carry out the purchase procedure through the e-commerce platform, entering all the requested data (name and surname, residential address, credit card with expiration and cvv2 code). The e-commerce is connected to the STRIPE payment platform ( The conclusion of the digital purchase procedure will produce log files that will be archived by the e-commerce platform and by the STRIPE payment platform.

The Seller will send the user via e-mail a summary which, also via hypertext links, will report information on the essential characteristics of the purchase, including those of each product purchased with the relative price (including transport and applicable taxes), on the methods and on delivery terms.

The official language of the contract with the Seller is Italian, but information and translations of the contract are also provided in other languages, including English and Spanish.

  1. Guarantees and indication of product prices

Product features and photos are presented on within the description web pages. On the same site you can also find the instruction, use and maintenance manuals.

  1. Shipping, transport and delivery of products

The shipment of the products is carried out by the FedEx supplier.
The methods of transport and delivery can be found at the following link:

The purchased products will be shipped to the user without undue delay and, at the latest, within thirty days from the date of purchase via e-commerce. If the Seller does not comply with these terms, the user may invite him to ship within an additional period appropriate to the circumstances. If this term should expire without the products being shipped, the user will be entitled to terminate the purchase contract, with the right to compensation for any damage suffered.

  1. Warranty, defects and discrepancies

The warranty is limited to material defects or manufacturing defects only. Only the original purchaser who has complied with the instructions for normal use, cleaning and storage contained in the user manual can benefit from the warranty right.
The warranty does not include damage resulting from excessive stress such as, for example, the use of inappropriate methods of use as well as failure to observe the instructions for use.
The warranty does not cover damage to the product resulting from wear and tear and depending on the type of material and specific use.
Any repair or modification made to the game by parties other than the seller will invalidate the warranty.
The warranty does not extend to damage caused by inexperience or negligence in the use of the game, by poor or omitted cleaning and storage, by accidental causes or deterioration due to normal use.

The products sold are covered by a warranty for a period of 24 months from purchase.
The seller undertakes to repair or replace at its discretion the parts of the products that are flawed due to manufacturing errors only after careful control and precise verification of such errors.
The defective product must be delivered by the user to the Seller for repair or replacement; in the absence of delivery, the seller will not be able to check for defects or faults and, therefore, to repair or replace them.

To take advantage of this guarantee, the user must report the lack of conformity within two months from the date on which he discovers the defect.

The transport and / or shipping costs are always borne by the user in case of incorrect exercise of the guarantee, or in the event that the conditions required by this art. 5.

  1. User assistance and complaints

The user can request any information or submit a complaint to Customer Service by e-mail to or by letter to be sent to Therability srl, Corso Regio Parco n. 15, 10152 Turin, Italy.

  1. Right of withdrawal

The user has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with the Seller, without any penalty and without the need to specify the reason, within fourteen (14) days, starting from the day of receipt of the purchased products.

The product package contains the information and the form for exercising the right of withdrawal, which the user must complete in full to communicate to the Seller the desire to withdraw from the contract and send to Therability srl, Corso Regio Parco n. 15, 10152 Turin, Italy.

Once the withdrawal from the contract has been exercised, the user must return the products by within fourteen (14) days from the date of sending the notice of withdrawal. The only costs charged to the user will be those relating to the shipment, transport and delivery to the Seller of the purchased products.

The refund of the purchase price will be made only and exclusively if:

7.5 After returning the products, the Seller will make the necessary checks relating to their compliance with the conditions and terms indicated in the previous paragraph. In the event that the checks are concluded positively, the Seller will send the user, via e-mail, the relative confirmation of acceptance of the returned products.
In the event that the checks are not concluded positively, the Seller will communicate, via e-mail and within 14 days of receipt of the products, the found lack of the conditions set out in the previous paragraph.

If the conditions referred to in the previous paragraphs are met, the price of the products will be reimbursed to the user in the shortest possible time and, in any case, within fourteen (14) days from the date on which the Seller will have received the products.

In the absence of the conditions for the refund of the price, the user can choose to obtain the products in the state in which they were returned to the Seller, notifying the Seller within 7 days of receiving the notification of lack of the conditions provided for by the previous paragraph 6.4. The costs for shipping, transport and delivery to the user will all be exclusively at his own expense.
In the event that the user does not communicate to the Seller his will to obtain the products again within the above terms, the Seller may keep the products, in addition to the sums already paid for their purchase.

  1. Applicable law and dispute resolution

The General Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law and in particular by the legislative decree 6 September 2005 n. 206, on the consumer code in Chapter I “Consumer rights in contracts”, with specific reference to the legislation on distance contracts and the legislative decree 9 April 2003 n. 70 on certain aspects concerning electronic commerce.

In the event of disputes between the Seller and the user, arising from the General Conditions of Sale, the Seller guarantees, as of now, full adherence to the conciliation procedure possibly set by the user.

  1. Modification and updating

The General Conditions of Sale are amended from time to time also in consideration of any regulatory changes. The new General Conditions of Sale will be effective from the date of publication on